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Now Taking April Orders For May 1st Pickup

This month we are celebrating the sunshine and springtime with a sale of 20% off our whole & raw Cashews.  They are incredibly versatile and delicious nuts. Using them as a dairy substitute to homemade sour cream is a favorite of mine!

Not only are the cashews the highest quality raw nut we can find, they are also always stored properly. This is the reason why OCP’s nuts are the highest quality in Portland, because they are ordered fresh, refrigerated and sealed until they are repackaged the morning of pickup. This ensures them to be the absolute freshest & most vibrant nuts, seeds, and dried fruits seeds available.

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Place Orders By 12/4 — Pickup 12/13


Whole cashews, brazil nuts, and Pecans.

Your favorite nuts. Bundled together, at 10% off.

Combined savings of ~$15 compared to local organic bulk bins.


The holidays are here, bringing 20% off walnuts.

Thats up to 40% cheaper than the bulk sections of grocery stores.

Place your orders for the holiday season by 12/4

Pickup on 12/13

Place your order of organic nuts, seeds and superfoods and pick them up on the Sunday of December the 13th via one of our three pickup locations.


2451 Southeast Salmon Street


4332 NE 25th Avenue 97211


1810 Southwest Logan Street

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Order From Extras For 10/18 Pickup

The website is now up to date with all the available extras. When you click on the product page it will display the amount of pounds of that item available to purchase. We need to have the extras order from everyone placed by Saturday evening. If there are any other questions about this new extras system please feel free to email me at joe@

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