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Place Orders By 12/4 — Pickup 12/13

Place your orders for the holiday season by 12/4

Pickup on 12/13

Place your order of organic nuts, seeds and superfoods and pick them up on the Sunday of December the 13th via one of our three pickup locations.


2451 Southeast Salmon Street


4332 NE 25th Avenue 97211


1810 Southwest Logan Street

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Order From Extras For 10/18 Pickup

The website is now up to date with all the available extras. When you click on the product page it will display the amount of pounds of that item available to purchase. We need to have the extras order from everyone placed by Saturday evening. If there are any other questions about this new extras system please feel free to email me at

Real Food. Purchased Together.



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Orders Due by 10/9 For 10/18 Pickup!

October News

Organic Dried Bing Cherries are back in stock!!

You can order these delectable treats by the pound in the  section of the store, or by clicking here.


Please Note!

Unfortunately, the cashew pieces we were receiving from our distributor were failing to meet OCP’s merits. We’ve decided to no longer carry this product, and will hopefully be adding a new raw higher quality cashew piece to the community soon.



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Order Deadline Passed! Pickup Sunday 9/20

Welcome to our brand new website!

We’ve been working very hard for the last few months and excited to finally have it out.  We hope you agree that it’s much easier to use, and more functional. If you have any feedback, comments, questions, or concerns about our new design, please feel free to reach out to Joe. He handles all our website and customer service inquiries. is the best way to reach him.

With the launch of our new website we are trying to also expand out to new neighborhoods, and customers. So starting this month, if you refer a friend, colleague, family member, ect. to the Pantry you will get 15% off your next order. Learn more in the refer a friend page under ‘About’ in the top menu.

We hope you enjoy this step forward for Our Community Pantry and if you have any ideas or feedback please reach out to Joe at